Global population to hit 7 billion in 2011


“7 billion and counting”

The global population is expected to surpass 7 billion later this year, up from 6 billion in 1999. An estimated 2.3 billion more people will be added—nearly as many as inhabited the planet as recently as 1950 between now and 2050. The population will reach 10.1 billion in 2100 according to new estimates from the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations.


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American cities built for the young strained by aging boomers

aging boomers

Atlanta Regional Commission project constructed the new ramp to accomodate the aging population in Atlanta.

People are getting old, fast, and they’re doing it in cities designed for the young.  Cities in American are grappling with that fact as work on getting the communities ready for an older population has gotten a late start considering demographers have warned for a long time that the population is about to get older.


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China’s Workforce Will Start Shrinking in the Next Five Years

china's workforce

China’s working-age population has plateaued in size and will begin getting smaller.

The large labor force in China  has been central to its rise as an economic power.  It has allowed companies to tap a seemingly endless pool of workers willing to move from their home towns, often live at the factory site and accept comparatively low wages.


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