Space Invaders Couch

spaincouch 3456

Do you have space for the coolest couch ever?

The Space Invaders Couch was designed by Igor Chak. He says:

The Space Invaders Couch is basically a space invader turned in to a couch, a very fashionable and hard to pass by couch. The couch is all leather, with two glass surfaces. Although it might look uncomfortable it’s actually really soft, mainly lined and made with memory foam. Plus this is something different from a conventional couch…

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What Would We Be Driving If Art Students Designed Cars?

Cars Designed By Art Students 

Students at the Royal College of Art in London were tasked with dreaming up what shape light, economical cars could take in this day and age. What did they come up with? Vehicles that are quirky and awesome – though quite impractical in many cases – and decked out with cool lights, color schemes and pictures of the robo-rockers from Daft Punk. Who cares if these cars couldn’t exist? It’d make for one good-looking future in my book.

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