Top 20 tools to make a web developer’s life easier


You sure have your work cut out for you if you work as a web developer nowadays. The influence the Internet has in our everyday lives is undeniable, therefore it is natural for all businesses and organizations to have a strong presence online. This means that there’s a lot of pressure on web developers and designers to produce impressive results in as short a period of time as possible. Luckily for them there are a number of tools that will help make their lives easier and we’ve gathered up the top 20.

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Makexyz links 3D printer owners to designers

MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D desktop printer.

It may only be in its infancy, but a new startup has already found a way to disrupt the 3D printing industry. Makexyz  is a 3D printing service with a brilliantly simple premise: Link the 3D printer owners of the world with the designers that need them. It’s like Airbnb or Wheelz, but for 3D printers.



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3D Printing Technology Radically Transforms Manufacturing


 Co-founder, Scott Summit, of Bespoke Innovations, with a prosthetic limb.

Businesses in the South Park district of San Francisco generally sell either Web technology or sandwiches and burritos. Bespoke Innovations plans to sell designer body parts.  The company is using advances in a technology known as 3-D printing to create prosthetic limb casings wrapped in embroidered leather, shimmering metal or whatever else someone might want.


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Top 25 Finalists in the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab Competition


Refrigerator of the future.

It’s not always easy to predict the future, but if we are asked to design for a particular scenario, then the job gets easy. For its 2010 competition, Electrolux Design Lab went with the theme: The 2nd Space Age; this essentially translating to designing a home environment for the year 2050, when 74% of the global population are predicted to live in urban areas. Student designers had to predict how people will prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes. Quite a task but plenty of surprises from across the globe! Here are the Finalist 25, the countdown has begun! (Pics)

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New Era of Web Design with More Font Choices Available to Designers


The image on the left uses system fonts and the image on the right uses web fonts.

Since the World Wide Web’s earliest days, whether you were shopping on Amazon or researching on Google or catching up on news at, chances are you were looking at just one of four typefaces — Arial, Verdana, Georgia or Times — each formulated for computer monitors and trusted by web designers to display properly on your screen.


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Litracon – See-Through, Light-Transmitting Concrete

Litracon - See-Through, Light-Transmitting 


Concrete has a sometimes-bad reputation as a harsh, rigid, cold-to-the-touch and straight-edged material. Litracon is doing a great deal to change that image of concrete through a score of creative and sustainable applications for their patented light-transmitting concrete. (Pics)

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The Walking House


Sure, when the oil shortage becomes oil-no-more, it would be nice to drive around in search of fuel like Mad Max, but what would be even better is to have your own movable home to wander the wasteland in. Something on legs that can roam anywhere. Something like this. But faster.

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Software That Gives A Sense Of Touch In The Virtual Environment

Software That Gives A Sense Of Touch In The Virtual Environment 

Being a human, you feel; so do I. However, software can also feel! Surprised, one might be. But this is a reality, as an Edinburgh-based company has just launched an incredible software technology by the name of Cre8. Now, what is implausible about this is that it has an interactive interface, which means the creators, designers or artists interact and even can manipulate the content in a virtual 3D workspace using the sense of touch technology.

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The Aquaduct Bicycle



This unique bicycle won the 2008 Innovate Or Die contest and was created by five IDEO engineers and designers. The Aquaduct allows a person to carry a large amount of water while filtering it into clean drinking water at the same time.

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