All-digital, bookless library opens in Texas

A rendering of BiblioTech, a public library offering only electronic books.

Officials in Bexar County, Texas, celebrated the opening of the BiblioTech library, an all-digital public library, last week . The facility offers about 10,000 free e-books for the 1.7 million residents of the county, which includes San Antonio.



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Digital coupons – the future of mobile wallets: Study

Google Wallet

Everyone likes a good deal, a new study on digital wallets by the mobile marketing tech firm Vibes has concluded. It means that mess of flyers on your front door could soon be replaced by a smarter set of customized and personalized digital flyers in your Apple Passbook or Google Wallet.



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High-speed digital camera can capture objects traveling at 7,500 mph

Shotgun pellets traveling at 790 mph.

Researchers at the California company, MetroLaser, specializing in high-speed imaging equipment have developed a camera add-on capable of freezing objects traveling at up to 7,500 miles per hour — that’s almost 10 times the speed of sound.



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Top digital priorities for retail are site conversion and mobile: Study

There are more effective and efficient digital tactics to invest in than social media.

A Forrester Research and study done recently reveals that site conversion and mobile are a far higher priority for retailers than social media for 2013. The reason for this is both orthodox and unconventional: the data supports these tactics.



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Digital health is redefining the house call

Doctor making a house call.

A house call is done from the comfort of your home combined with the personal attention of your doctor. There are two key words here that really drive the point home–home and your. Your doctor provides care in your house. The house call is also, in many ways, a reflection of things past. Today, healthcare has eliminated the ‘luxury’ of this type of intervention leaving patients and caregivers to languish in the germ-fill waiting rooms of physician offices, hospitals and medical clinics.



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Sony unveils new digital binoculars that record what you see

The DEV-50V lets you record what you’re looking at while you’re still looking at it through the lenses.

A new pair of binoculars with digital technology has been unveiled by Sony.  The binoculars will allow you to record whatever you view. This is a kind of digital device that may actually be an improvement on its analog counterpart.



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300 percent increase in mobile video views in 2012

The Digital Video Benchmark for the U.S. for 2012 has been released by Adobe.  The Digital Index team shows what it learned monitoring video performance throughout the year across digital platforms. Data was compiled from a study from Adobe Marketing Cloud customers, scoring viewing habits and also monitoring ad performance.There was a massive increase in mobile viewership in 2012 according to Adobe’s numbers, though desktop still dominates when it comes to online video.



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Bitcoin: The revolution of digital currency

Several brick-and-mortar businesses across the US have started accepting the virtual currency.

Bitcoin is a cryptographic digital currency that is not underwritten by any government. Bitcoin is designed to be secure and can’t be counterfeited and can be used with anonymity because the software underlying the currency operates on  decentralized peer-to-peer network. What started out in 2010 as an underground currency for grey-market activities, has since grown to a $400 million worldwide market for buying everything from pizza to domain names. In an attempt to prevent inflation, the number of Bitcoins in circulation will continue to grow automatically at an ever-decreasing rate, according to the laws of its software, until reaching maximum of 21 million coins shortly after 2030. There are just over 10 million today.



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Startups usher in retail revolution by clearing out cash registers

Business are replacing traditional cash registers with such products as Square’s Business in a Box.

The cash register has reigned as an icon of American commerce ever since the Civil War era. It’s an American ritual to pay for your purchases at the cash register. But, the average point-of-sale (POS) system is expensive, inconvenient to set up and manage and not connected to the internet. Despite all of this, these types of transactions occur a million times every day.  The last significant shift happened in the 1950’s when credit card terminals enter the scene.

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Healthcare’s data-driven revolution

Wearable health devices are playing an enormous role in this revolution by helping track your metrics passively.

Swissnex San Francisco explored the topic of Big Data and Health Devices together with The Hive, a Silicon Valley Big Data incubator on March 6th. Roger Magoulas (Director of Research at O’Reilly Media), Ian Blumenfeld (Data Scientist and Co-Founder of InSample), and Rachel Kalmar (Data Scientist at Misfit Wearables) talked about how data science is transforming healthcare, and how we can improve our health by using devices and better analyzing the metrics we track. (videos)

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