Surprising huge diversity in aging revealed in nature


Not all species weaken and become more likely to die as they age.

Most people would probably describe aging as when we our in our youth we are strong and healthy and then we weaken and die. But, in nature, the phenomenon of aging shows an unexpected diversity of patterns and is altogether rather strange, conclude researchers from The University of Southern Denmark.



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MOOC’s beat campuses in GPA’s and diversity

Moocs global

The option to learn anywhere at any time boosts community college students’ likelihood of transferring to a 4-year college.

There is some good news for massively open online courses (MOOCs) in business topics: Student GPAs are slightly higher, and MOOCs are more likely to reach students in developing countries.



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Cities are our most important innovation platform

Cities are crucial to our continued ability to innovate and compete.

We tend to think about individual gifts of insight when we think about innovation—researchers in crisp, white lab coats, slick tech entrepreneurs with fancy gadgets and VC’s doing inspired deals. But, innovation is really a messy business. It is full of blind alleys and half-baked ideas, random collisions and abrupt changes in direction.  Ideas mix and recombine, fail, reemerge and, in the end, a precious few become wildly successful.



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