How social media impacts divorce: Infographic

Social content is targeted and scrutinized during a divorce.

Social media has been purported to cause something that it doesn’t. Divorce is a perfect example of this. Because the divorce rate for people under 50 hasn’t demonstrably changed with the advent of social media, social media isn’t causing divorce.


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Top 10 Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit

Men love their single life and experience few of the traditional pressures that once encouraged them to marry.

They want kids, houses and sex. And they want women, too — but not in the form of wives. Not until they’re older. So says the latest study to probe the minds of America’s young men, aged 25 to 33. The study found 10 reasons men won’t commit — from the ease of finding sex partners to the desire to avoid financial risks of divorce.



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Unemployment leading cause of trouble among couples

love boat

Unemployment is rocking the love boat.

A leading cause of trouble in the bedroom is unemployment.  With the jobless rate stuck at more than 9 percent, studies show that unemployment is taking a toll on all stages of relationships – from courting to marriage, and of course, to divorce. Instead of the traditional arch of a relationship, the trajectory of unemployed love looks a whole lot different.


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People Blaming Facebook for Divorces


Facebook is a source of evidence in divorce cases.

Divorces can get really ugly and social media can paly a large part in that.  More and more of divorce cases include incriminating evidence captured on social media sites, at least for one Florida lawyer who says she sees “some type of Facebook involvement” in 90 percent of her divorce cases.


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