HOWTO clean LPs, DVDs, and CDs

vinyl grooves close up 2345

REALLY close up of a vinyl groove.

I’ve recently picked up several old vinyl LPs at thrift stores and garage sales. My musical taste is very eclectic, but these discs have one big thing in common: they’re all filthy. Similarly, we have dozens of kids DVDs and CDs in our house coated in toddler goo that would almost certainly beat the adhesive that holds the tiles on the space shuttle. This weekend, I plan to brew up a cauldron of the cleaning solution used by the master preservationists at the Library of Congress. Or maybe I’ll just go with Ivory dish soap, warm water, and an old t-shirt. Anyway, here’s the LoC’s recipe..

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Composition on the Table

Composition on the Table 

Keeping up with our fondness for interactive tables, here’s a collection of four white tables with various special interfaces switches, dials, turn-tables and sliding boards that a player can touch. Dubbed as Composition on the Table, Toshio Iwai is the brain behind this series of art work. Intended to allow players and audiences to share the world of Mixed Reality, it innovatively blends images and sounds for uber cool interaction.

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