Newlyweds plan to live for 90 days entirely on Bitcoin

Can this couple live on Bitcoin alone for 90 days?

There has been a lot of attention recently on bitcoin from tech early adopters and the mainstream media. The last six months has seen the value of the virtual currency grow more than tenfold and then fall half as much, as well as the government intervene in a series of suspected fraud and money-laundering cases. The crypto currency has been hailed by many as a potential future global currency, but amid all this fervor, it remains little more than an intellectual curiosity to most. That is, those who own bitcoin, have used it to complete a transaction of any sort, or are even aware how to do so are firmly in the minority.



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What the Frack? GASLAND Exposes the Natural Gas Industry


Burning tap water

In 2008, Josh Fox received a letter from a natural gas company. They were interested in leasing land owned by his family to do natural gas drilling. The offer was for $100,000, but instead of taking the money, Josh decided to do some research on the natural gas industry and ended up making a documentary called GASLAND. It focuses on the impact that modern natural gas extraction, which primarly uses hydraulic fracturing( aka “fracking”), has on communities and the environment. Check out the trailer below, it’s pretty good. (video and pics)


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Weapons of the Future (Videos)


The Last Stand sponsored by Gears of War 2 – Part 1: Attack

Here are two videos about weapons of the future.  These videos were produced by Microsoft to go along with the release of their Gears of War 2 video game.  In part 1 of this documentary, sponsored by Gears of War 2, we speak with military strategists, war historians, weapons experts and think tank members to lay out what an invasion by a hostile alien species might look like. (Part 2 video after the break)

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Artist Stelarc’s Extra Ear Project At The Exit Art Gallery

Artist Stelarc’s Extra Ear Project At The Exit Art Gallery

Extra Ear Project 

Luckily for us, the Australian performance artist known as Stelarc, formerly Stelios Arcadiou, is not prone to sensationalism.  He only wants to transform his body into a portal on the internet. Which is why visitors to Exit Art, a gallery in Midtown Manhattan, are being treated to a video of Stelarc’s left arm being cut up like a rare tenderloin to implant what will eventually be a Bluetooth-enabled artificial ear.
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Reverse Graffiti Artist Documentary


Reverse Graffiti or Atomic Explosion?

A few months ago, “reverse graffiti” artist Moose traveled to San Francisco where he created a lovely mural by cleaning grime from the walls of San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel. Moose calls himself a “professor of dirt.” Documentary filmmaker Doug Pray (Scratch, Hype!, etc.) made a short film about the artwork.

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