Dutch city cuts ribbon on World’s largest bike garage


The world’s largest bicycle parking facility in Utrecht, the Netherlands. (Photo via CU2030/City of Utrecht)

UTRECHT, Netherlands (CN) – When your country has more bikes than people, you need somewhere to park them all.

On Monday, the Dutch city of Utrecht opened the world’s largest bicycle parking facility. The Netherlands has a population of 18 million people but 23 million bicycles.

Located beneath the central train station in the country’s fourth-largest city, the Stationsplein bicycle parking can hold 12,656 bikes. The previous record was held by Tokyo, Japan, which has a facility that can hold 9,400 bikes.

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Dutch railway station installs ‘transfer accelerator’ for busy passengers


“Transfer accelerator” at the Overvecht Station in Utrecht.

Commuting is typically a bit of a grind even on the nicest, newest subway or bus system. A metro station in the Netherlands, though, has sought to liven up the experience — by installing a slide that riders can zip down instead of taking the stairs. It may sound a little silly but itdoes look like fun. (Video)

Language Dispute Threatens the Future of Belgium


Graffiti deface a bilingual signpost in Brussels.

The “survival” of Belgium as a unified country was called into question last night after a row between French and Dutch speakers brought the government to the verge of collapse.  The wrangle has already brought down the government four times in the past three years but the latest spat is the gravest yet and threatens to split the country into Flemish areas and French-speaking areas.


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‘Piece of Cake’ Gives Going Dutch a Whole New Meaning


Ever found yourself in a situation where you want to split the restaurant bill with your buddies, and all want pay by Credit Card. Like you want to get the calculations down to the last penny, or sip of Apple juice? Fret Not, if the Piece of Cake ever comes into existence, it’ll give going Dutch with friends a whole new meaning. By using this device each one can pay for just what they ate using their CC. The screen displays the total items consumed and you select your share to be automatically calculated.

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Dutch Tobacco Smoking Ban Means No Tobacco In Joints

pot smoking

Dutch coffee shops face a new challenge when a ban on smoking tobacco in restaurants and cafes came into effect yesterday.

The owners claim the law, which will allow customers to light up potent tobacco-free pure cannabis joints but ban milder spliffs in which tobacco is mixed with cannabis, threatens to put hundreds of them out of business.

“It’s a bit like saying to someone you can go into a cafe and you can buy a beer, but you can’t drink it there – you’ll have to stick to whisky, rum and vodka,” said Paul Wilhelm, owner of De Tweede Kamer, a popular Amsterdam coffee shop.

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Euthanasia Means No Repeat Customers

 Euthanasia Means No Repeat Customers

Terminally-ill patients in the Netherlands increasingly receive drugs to render them unconscious until death, according to a study that suggests people are substituting deep sedation for legal euthanasia.

The researchers found that 1,800 people — 7.1 percent of all deaths in the Netherlands in 2005 — were drugged into so-called continuous deep sedation shortly before dying. This compares with 5.6 percent of cases in 2001.

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