Glue-Free “Creo Shoe Concept” Supports Local Shoemaker

creo shoe_web3

A new view with a no glue shoe.

From German designer Jennifer Rieker comes a glue-free shoe that challenges mass consumption, via Ecouterre.

Called the “Creo Shoe Concept,” the flat-pack footwear is mailed to you in a vegetable-tanned calf leather envelope — which becomes the inner shoe — with adaptable rubber soles; a pair of footbeds, made out of cork, latex and jute; a pair of shoelaces, and directions for you to put it all together, along with the help of a local shoemaker.

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RememberMe – Digital Dog Tags That Record Your Clothing’s Last Move


Digital dog tags

From Ecouterre, comes the latest way to add value to clothing and hopefully, combat the disposable buying cycle: “RememberMe” is a tool that links recorded memories and objects to an online database by using radio-frequency I.D. (RFID) tags and Quick Response (QR) codes. The project is a collaboration between Tales of Things and the Oxfam shop in Manchester, England, and the tagging extends far beyond your favorite vintage sweater. You can tag any object and link it to media with small printable tags. But how does it all work? Find out in a video, after the jump.


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