The rise of the new super-rich

global elite

Today’s super-rich are different from yesterday’s: more hardworking and meritocratic, but less connected to the nations that granted them opportunity.

If you were watching television on the first Sunday morning in August last summer, you would have seen something curious on NBC.  David Gregory, host of Meet the Press, was interviewing a guest who made a forceful case that the U.S. economy had become “very distorted.” In the wake of the recession, this guest explained, high-income individuals, large banks, and major corporations had experienced a “significant recovery”; the rest of the economy, by contrast—including small businesses and “a very significant amount of the labor force”—was stuck and still struggling.  He argued that what we were seeing was not a single economy at all, but rather “fundamentally two separate types of economy,” increasingly distinct and divergent.

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Demand for Luxury Hotels Rise as Rates Fall


Luxury hotel suite in Hawaii

Luxury hotels are showing some signs of life, but they’re coming at a hefty price.

As of early March, the battered sector is reporting 7.2% more bookings for the upcoming second quarter in the top 25 markets vs. the April-June period in 2008, according to travel market research firm Rubicon. But rooms at Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont and Four Seasons are also dramatically cheaper. The luxury average daily rate is down 22% to $312 from $399 two years ago, Rubicon says.


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Lifestyle Disparities Of American Elites From Mainstream America


The social elite have a distinctly different view of the world ahead

There’s always been lots of talk in this country about income inequality, but very little about lifestyle disparities, differences which are pulling American elites farther and farther away from mainstream America.

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Elite Colleges Reporting Record Low Acceptance Rates

Elite Colleges Reporting Record Low Acceptance Rates

The already crazed competition for admission to the nation’s most prestigious universities and colleges became even more intense this year, with many logging record low acceptance rates.

Harvard College, for example, offered admission to only 7.1 percent of the 27,462 high school seniors who applied — or, put another way, it rejected 93 of every 100 applicants, many with extraordinary achievements, like a perfect score on one of the SAT exams. Yale College accepted 8.3 percent of its 22,813 applicants. Both rates were records.

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Pet Mate Designed to Keep ‘Chewie’ in at Night

 pet mate

If you have a problem with your cat being out all night catting around the local alleys and doing God knows what, this is the gadget for you. Maybe he or she is bringing home other furballs and you don’t like it. The Pet Mate Elite is ready to help.

It’s essentially a high-tech Flap/door that lets you control which animals come in to your home, and when they enter. It uses RFID technology and the device supports up to 8 chips, each attached to different pets.

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