BMW Opens New Car Plant Where the Workforce is All Aged Over 50


An employee at BMW rests between shifts at the plant in Dingolfing.

Its name is a byword for providing drivers with every comfort – and now it seems BMW is taking the same approach with its workforce.  A section of the luxury car manufacturer’s works at Dingolfing in Southern Bavaria has been nicknamed ‘Altstadt‘ – German for Old Town – by the grateful employees who say they might otherwise be on the job scrapheap. (Pics)


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Ergo Dock – Ergonomic Charging Solution For Medical Carts and Biometric Devices


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase

Power*OTG was founded to develop the idea of providing improvement to the quality of service at health care facilities and quality of life for people with disabilities in general and with dependency on accessibility of medical supplies and services in every day activities.

Power*OTG has developed an intelligent docking station for Powered Medical Carts that provides safe and ergonomic cart’s battery charging and critical metrics :


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Self-Standing Toothbrush


Ever felt icky about putting down your toothbrush onto the sink? Keep it rested on the toothpaste or balance it on the soap dish, but never flat on the sink surface! For hygiene-freaks like me is the DEWS Toothbrush by Ryan and Harc, an ergonomically designed brush that keeps standing upright and never tipples over. There are weights at the end of its rounded handle to create a centre of gravity at the handle base. When you set it down, it stays put for a second and then springs back upright. Tumble-doll-brush! (Pics)

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AirMouse – The Mouse You Wear Like A Glove



It’s no secret… Studies have shown that excessive mouse usage can cause repetitive stress injuries. Unfortunately for most of us, “excessive” can mean anything more than a few hours a day. Fortunately, however, there are alternative styles of mice out there designed to be easier on the hands and arms. One of the more interesting ones to come along in a while is the AirMouse, made by Canadian firm Deanmark Ltd. What makes it unique is the fact that you wear it like a glove.


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Laptop Steering Wheel Desk


Using your laptop in the car is not really the easiest thing in the world to do. While many car manufacturers are including iPod and mobile phone docks in their new vehicles, nobody’s really putting laptop stands in cars. But for the traveling business person, using a laptop in your car is essential part of today’s business environment. The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk Laptop Steering Wheel Table can help to facilitate using your notebook computer in the car.


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Ergonomic Stand-Up Desks Allow Students To Stand Or Sit While Working

Stand-Up Desks Allow Students To Stand Or Sit While Working 

 Abby Brown, the sixth grade teacher who designed the stand-up desks

From the hallway, Abby Brown’s sixth-grade classroom in a little school here about an hour northeast of Minneapolis has the look of the usual one, with an American flag up front and children’s colorful artwork decorating the walls.

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Smartfish Pro Self-Adjusting Ergonomic Keyboard

Smartfish Pro Self-Adjusting Ergonomic Keyboard 

 Smartfish Pro

Typing on the computer all day can lead to some problems. And I’m not talking lack of sleep and a steady diet of Hot Pockets. I’m talking carpal tunnel syndrome. Between comments on Facebook, twitter, gaming and commenting, we are all just one keystroke away from carpal tunnel at any given time. The Smartfish Pro is designed to help prevent it rather then causing it.

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