China opens more spy schools as it steps up intelligence operation

spy schools

China opens National Intelligence College on the campus of Hunan University.

China opened its eighth National Intelligence College on the campus of Hunan University in the central city of Changsha last week. Since January, similar training schools have opened inside universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Qingdao and Harbin.


China: Cyber-Spying Network Targeting India


China cyber-spying system focuses on India

Reports of a China-based cyber spy network targetting the Indian military and the consequent alert sounded by Army authorities may be only the tip of the iceberg — investigations have revealed a fully dedicated India-specific espionage system aimed at business, diplomatic, strategic and academic interests.


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Massive Data Theft Traced to Shadow Network in China


U.S. and Canadian researchers have monitored China-based computer espionage gang for past 8 months.

Turning the tables on a China-based computer espionage gang, Canadian and United States computer security researchers have monitored a spying operation for the past eight months, observing while the intruders pilfered classified and restricted documents from the highest levels of the Indian Defense Ministry.

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