Will massive open televised sporting events (MOTSEs) disrupt the world of sports?

Who needs to go to the game with such great photos?

Paul Campos offers the interesting observation that the inflation-adjusted price of tickets to live sports events has been rising for decades while the quality-adjusted price of watching said sports events at home has been falling.

Facebook’s most talked about topics for 2013


Facebook’s 2013 Year in Review looks back at the stories, trends, and events that were shared most across the social network this last year. The year in review details the most talked about topics globally and for individual countries. It also shows the life events people felt most compelled to share.



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Top 4 event trends you need to know about

The world of events and in-person marketing is evolving. 

Audiences today expect more than education and entertainment; they expect participation at an event. Today’s top events take advantage of technology as a platform for audience engagement. Having produced and attended a number of customer conferences and trade shows this year, I’ve noticed some very clear trends in how technology is blurring the gap between the presenters and attendees. Here are some examples.



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NoteSee – New Conference Note Sharing Application

notesee 1


A year ago, Joel Smith was struggling to decide which panel to attend at South By Southwest, an annual tech (and music) conference in Austin, Texas. “There were many moments where I wish I could be three people so I could sit in all the really interesting panels,” he recalled. Absent cloning, his workaround was to Google for any notes, slides and videos he could find. “Not much turned up.”


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