New video game features create a placebo effect

video game

Whether it’s the new iPhone, a Blu-ray movie with deleted scenes or a simple firmware update people are obsessed with the new and improved, and according to researchers at the University of York, there’s a good reason: New features can create a placebo effect for an experience feeling more fun and immersive.

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Video games should be consider an ‘experience, not just a product

Thatgamecompany’s PlayStation 3 exclusive game, Journey.

Video games are the most interactive form of entertainment we have but they have been slow to achieve the kind of experiential status that is often associated with art, music, literature, and film. Last year there were many titles released that challenged this notion. Among them was Thatgamecompany’s PlayStation3 exclusive, Journey, which has received heaps of praise and made many video game enthusiasts’ Game-of-the-Year lists.



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