3D printed prosthetic eyes could be made faster, cheaper, and better

3D printed prosthetic eyes.

U.K.-based Fripp Design has found a surprising application with 3D printing: prosthetic eyes. Fripp Design says it can churn out as many as 150 prosthetic eyes an hour, and sell them for as low as $160 each. That’s a major improvement over glass prosthetic eyes, which not only take weeks to make, but also sell for thousands of dollars.



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Laptop With Eye Tracking Technology


Barbara Barclay of Tobii Technology, Inc. demonstrates a prototype laptop that tracks and can be controlled by the eye movements.

Ever wish your eyes were lasers? A laptop prototype brings that wish closer to reality.  It tracks your gaze and figures out where you’re looking on the screen. That means, among other things, that you can play a game where you burn up incoming asteroids with a laser that hits where you look.

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