Top 6 principles of leadership now and in the future


Not every leader acknowledges the big difference between managing and leading. And for small business owners looking to grow their business, making the transition from running it to leading it, can be all the difference. The first step is knowing what exactly leadership requires – now and in the future.

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Brain’s ‘Fairness’ Spot Found

brain-unfair 3214

At some point in our lives, we’ve all cried “It’s not fair!” In fact, it’s human nature for us to dislike unequal situations, and we often try to avoid or remedy them. Now, scientists have identified the first evidence of this behavior’s neurological underpinnings in the human brain.

The results show that the brain’s reward center responds to unequal situations involving money in a way that indicates people prefer a level playing field, and may suggest why we care about the circumstances of others in the first place…

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