Scientists successfully implant false memories into mice

Mice implanted with false memories.

U.S. and Japan memory researchers have, for the first time, implanted false memories into a lab animal. The researchers made mice believe that they had once received electrical shocks in their feet while sitting in a certain little chamber, even though that had never happened. Thereafter, whenever the researchers put the mice in that chamber, the mice would freeze up in a typical mouse response to fear.



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Trendy And Fashionable Creative Lashes

Trendy And Fashionable Creative Lashes 

Thinking of fashion and trends, I got thinking that ultimately it is the ‘whole’ look that makes an impact…a fab dress, great shoes, right accessories, they all fail to make create magic by themselves. It’s only when they complement each other that a person looks good. And accessories go a long way in adding a dash of style to any outfit.

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False Memories May Affect Behavior

False Memories May Affect Behavior 

Do you know someone who claims to remember their first day of kindergarten? Or a trip they took as a toddler? While some people may be able to recall trivial details from the past, laboratory research shows that the human memory can be remarkably fragile and even inventive.

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Top 7 Tech Myths

Top 7 Tech Myths

 Just because its a myth doesn’t mean its wrong, right?

What’s common between the Lochness monster, Yeti and radiation from PC monitor causing cancer? Well, they all are myths! One of the long timer in the list of tech related myths is switching off power without shutting down damages the PC.

Also, many believe that as their email account is password-proof it can never be hacked. Well, with no grounding there are many such myths that haunt the tech world. Here we bring you some of the most common myths that most people think are true.

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