Tokyo’s urban train stations turned into farms in an effort to ‘green the city’

urban farm


When you think of Tokyo you you think of smog and skyscrapers, and people, lots of people – you don’t really think of green spaces.  But in an effort to ‘green the city’, officials have given up the space on the roof train stations to make community gardens.



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China’s dead pig dumping scandal

Over 16,000 dead pigs have been found in China’s rivers.

The “dead animals in Chinese rivers” toll seems to have stabilized.  According to recent reports, over 16,000 dead pigs have been joined by 1,000 dead ducks and, rather ominously, 13 dead black swans in China’s rivers. The discovery of so many carcasses has elicited no small amount of public concern in China, as well as mockery elsewhere — even Jay Leno got into the act.



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PodPonics – shipping containers transformed into miniature hydroponic farms



PodPonics is new hope for urban agriculture. The startup, based in Atlanta, is pursuing a new kind of recycling.  They are transforming old shipping containers into miniature hydroponic farms that can be used to grow food anywhere. Matt Liotta started PodPonics in 2010 and it is already supplying about 200 pounds of leafy greens a week using six converted containers.  About one acre’s worth of produce can be produced in each “pod” which is in only 320 square feet. PodPonics crops use 90% less water than traditional farms, no pesticides, less fertilizer, and go from harvest to your plate in just a matter of hours! (Pics)


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Growing fake meat in a lab could cut greenhouse emissions by 96% according to scientists


Researchers hope to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by producing fake meat in a lab.

Scientists from Oxford University have decided to concentrate their efforts on culturing and growing artificial meat in petri dishes, Instead of focusing on ending the horrendous factory farming practices that inhumanely confine cattle to tight living spaces, and subject them to an unnatural diet of genetically-modified (GM) corn and soybeans.

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Wind Lens Floating Farms Could Boost Electricity Production in Japan

wind turbine

Future wind-turbine farms

The Yokohama Renewable Energy International Exhibition 2010 earlier this month revealed some visually spectacular new designs for wind turbine technology. The Wind Lens has the potential to triple the amount of electricity produced by offshore turbines according to experiments. Kyushu University professor Yuji Ohya spoke of the merits of the 112-meter diameter structures being able to increase energy output “two or three fold”, as well as being about to reduce the dreaded noise pollution so often associated with wind turbines, and improve safety too.


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Terrabon Develops Process To Convert Vinegar Into Gasoline


Inside this white building, piles of sorghum are broken down into acids. The acids they produce can be used to make gasoline.

A company that has developed a process for converting organic waste and other biomass into gasoline–Terrabon, based in Houston–recently announced a partnership with Waste Management, the giant garbage-collection and -disposal company based in Houston. The partnership could help Terrabon bring its technology to market.


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Amazing Vertical Farm For Vancouver

Amazing Vertical Farm For Vancouver

Vertical farm for Vancouver’s 2030 Challenge 

Vertical farms are one of our favorite future-forward concepts for creating sustainable cities. Providing locally-grown produce and food will not only help us reduce our carbon emissions significantly, but also help us become healthier. Romses Architects recently came up with an amazing concept for a vertical farm in Vancouver as part of the City’s 2030 Challenge. Complete with a tower for growing fruits and vegetables, a livestock grazing plane, a boutique dairy farm, commercial space, transit lines, renewable energy and more, the Harvest Green Tower has the potential to be a food growing, energy producing, living, breathing sustainable transit hub. (Pics)

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Green Space Rooftops Blossoming Around The World

Green Space Rooftops Bossoming Around The World

“All you have to do is climb a tall building in Germany, and you’re going to see green roofs all over the place.”

Many countries like Germany (pictured) and Switzerland are now mandating that all new buildings with flat roofs must plant a garden on them. What will cities look like when this practice becomes the norm? (Pics)


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Floating Wind Farms Coming

Floating Wind Farms Coming

Offshore wind-farm developers would love to build in deep water more than 32 kilometers from shore, where stronger and steadier winds prevail and complaints about marred scenery are less likely. But building foundations to support wind turbines in water deeper than 20 meters is prohibitively expensive. Now, technology developers are stepping up work in floating turbines to make such farms feasible. (w/pics)
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