Microbial home: fuelling the kitchen with methane from waste


Harnessing wast for power.

This concept design for a “microbial home” centered around a methane digester hub that feeds gas from your food into various appliances has a nice, bodgy, Rube Goldberg feel. We can call it methanepunk (not perfect, but better than “fartpunk”)…

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Conceal Your Fart Odor with Hermetically Sealed Underwear


Go on. Stink it up and not worry!

Yup, get prepared to enjoy the most unfettered air through anus adventures you can dream up and not have to worry about paying the olfactory price! According to the official site, “The new 2nd Generation Under-Ease underwear for flatulence is made with the same quality design and soft materials as the original Under-Ease, and is manufactured in the U.S.A. 2nd Generation Under-Ease is made from Fabuthane Laminated Polyester fabric with a breathable film allowing the transport of heat and moisture from the inside to the outside of Under-Ease by the process of diffusion…

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