Playasphere: Battle Tank With A Difference

Playasphere: Battle Tank With A Difference


Product Description: The Playasphere is a battle tank with a difference. It spins, has two gigantic hemispheres for wheels, and spews flame balls. The “quasi-gyroscopic” crawler is an ostentatious act, with deafening speakers and weirdly built satellite dish components. The flame is created with the help of propane, while the mobility is taken care of by electric motors. Take the Playasphere into the desert for a spin and rest assured that it would be visible even 50 miles away (if some exaggeration is permitted!).

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Do-It-Yourself Flamethrower


Impress your friends and family with your own flamethrower

Everett Bradford is a young electrical engineering student who is a fan of X-Men.  Inspired by the flame throwing prowess of Pyro in the X-men, he designed a system that mounts on his wrist and propels fire when he moves his hand back. The flame is ignited through a fuel can at his waist. Second video after the jump.


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Introducing the Portable Fireplace

 Introducing the Portable Fireplace

For when campfires just aren’t good enough

Few things can pump up the romantic mood like a warm flickering fire, and while a real wood fire has that crackling sound you can’t get from gas, cleaning out all of that soot and ash the next day isn’t my idea of fun. Gas fires give you most off that mood enhancement without the housekeeping requirements, but most are still built into the wall of your house.

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