Japan to build the world’s largest floating solar power plants


One of Kyocera’s existing solar power plants in Japan, which has 70 MW of power capacity.

Being short on free land space is not stopping Japan from investing in renewable energy. Solar panel company Kyocera Corp, Century Tokyo Leasing Corp and Ciel Terre have announced that they’re teaming up to create two huge floating solar power plants which will be up and running by April next year.



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Floating Golf Course Planned For The Maldives

Who gets to be the person selling golf balls?
It already has artificial islands, scuba-diving Cabinet ministers and a back-up plan to relocate its entire population if it is swamped by rising seas. Now the Maldives has another scheme to deal with its watery future: floating golf.

The island nation has signed a deal with a Dutch company to investigate building the world’s first permanent floating golf course, along with a convention centre and residential rooms, on a platform on the Indian Ocean.

The project could be a pioneer for floating villages and towns, Mahmood Razee, the Minister for Civil Aviation, Communication and Privatisation, said. “If it is successful we will try to work with them to see if they could develop housing facilities as well,” he said. “We need this because of climate change and because of a lack of land because of island erosion.

Futuristic Levitating Chair Lets You Recline in Style

levitating chair

The levitating chair hovers a few inches above the ground and was designed by Japanese engineers for the elderly.

Those who like to take the weight off their feet at the end of the day will soon be able to do so in style, thanks to a new levitating chair.  The hover seat has been created by researchers at Japan’s Kobe Gakuin University.


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House on the Water by Formodesign


House on the Water

Our friends from formodesign sent us House on the Water, a self-sufficient house for nomadic life offshore. Designed as a rental house for people who want to be independent it’s available only through water. It is located by Navagio beach, NW coast of the Greek Zante island. (Pics)


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Floating Liquid Solar Arrays

Floating Liquid Solar Arrays

LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays)

There’s a lot of surface area on this planet for solar panels. The ocean’s are a vast area to utilize this solar technology.  But,  the weather can make the installation and use of floating solar arrays difficult.  That’s not the case with LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays) by Sunengy Pty LTD .

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Floating Wind Farms Coming

Floating Wind Farms Coming

Offshore wind-farm developers would love to build in deep water more than 32 kilometers from shore, where stronger and steadier winds prevail and complaints about marred scenery are less likely. But building foundations to support wind turbines in water deeper than 20 meters is prohibitively expensive. Now, technology developers are stepping up work in floating turbines to make such farms feasible. (w/pics)
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