Google reveals Valentine’s Day love equation

Google Valentines Day Heart Equation

Google has love down to a science.

Google often returns results beyond simple web pages.  The popular search engine can translate different languages, convert between different measurement systems and more. And thanks to its ability to parse complex equations, Google can explain one of the most mysterious forces of all: Love.

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Breast Feeding Does Not Rob New Mother of Sleep


A baby may sleep less if breast-fed, but new moms get about the same amount of sleep whether breast-feeding or using formula.

It’s commonly believed that one of the sacrifices new moms must make in order to breast-feed is their sleep. But new research suggests that’s just not the case.  The study, published online earlier this month in the journal Pediatrics, found that new mothers slept about the same amount of time whether they were breast-feeding or formula-feeding.


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Scientists Devise Guide To The Perfect Handshake

Perfect_handshake 65432

Help is here for people who are overcome with nerves when faced with the age-old custom of shaking hands – British scientists have unveiled a step-by-step guide to the perfect handshake. Researchers at the University of Manchester, in northwest England, said on Thursday that the biggest problems were sweaty palms, limp wrists, gripping too hard and lack of eye contact…

Formula Created For Perfect Parking


Forget roasting a textbook turkey or perfect present-wrapping this month. The real test of Britons’ mettle will come as we try to park in tight spots on busy roads, with 35 million of us heading to the shops over the next few weeks. Help, however, is at hand, as Professor Simon Blackburn, from Royal Holloway, University of London, has collaborated with Vauxhall Motors to create a mathematical formula to show motorists how to park perfectly.


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Ready Bottle – For Perfectly Prepared Baby Formula


Featured invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

Mixing baby formula can be a messy task as you open the bottle, try to measure the powder and get everything mixed without spilling. No fear… Ready Bottle solves these problems.  The specially designed bottle has a compartment for the dry formula and another compartment for the warm water. Just a simple twist and shake and you’ve got a perfectly prepared bottle.


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‘Rocket Fuel’ Ingredient Found in Baby Food Declared “Safe”


Beware of EXTREMELY Explosive Diarrhea!

A chemical used in rocket fuel and explosives has been found in 15 baby foods tested by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, though no one appears too worried.

The US watchdog said the unnamed formulas contained traces of perchlorate, a salt derivative used in fireworks and rocket fuel and to treat thyroid gland disorders.

The US Environmental Working Group said a high level of the chemical could interfere with thyroid hormone production….

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Happy PI Day!



Did you know that March 14th (3/14) is National Pi Day, as officially designated by the US congress this year?

Traditional festivities are to study the mathematical constant pi in school (which took place yesterday since 3/14 fell on Saturday this year), bake and eat a pie, and sing Pi Day Carols. Evil Mad Scientist Laboraties constructed a Pi Pie Trivet for the occasion, and posted instructions for making your own.

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The Cocktail Lab

The Cocktail Lab

 The drinks of tomorrow will be packed with a secret ingredient – fun!

Xavier Herit stands before his customers holding a syringe mid-air. But he is not a doctor and it doesn’t contain any medication.

The syringe is filled with strawberry-infused Cointreau and sodium alginate and is part of an arsenal of tools that are pushing Herit’s cocktails to drinking’s cutting edge.

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