Rare Dinosaur Discovered in Canada’s Oil Sands


The 110-million-year-old dinosaur fossil found in Canada’s oil sands.

The Canadian oil sands, a vast expanse of tar and sand being mined for crude oil, yielded treasure of another kind this week when an oil company worker unearthed a 110-million-year-old dinosaur fossil that wasn’t supposed to be there.


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Valley Of The Whales

whale valley

Summon the Basilosaurus!

Paleontologist Philip Gingerich looks for sea monsters in the Egyptian desert. He assembles fossils of ancient whales that died there when it was covered by an ocean. One such whale is the Basilosaurus, which had small hind legs.

“Complete specimens like that Basilosaurus are Rosetta stones,” Gingerich told me as we drove back to his field camp. “They tell us vastly more about how the animal lived than fragmentary remains.”

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How We Subsidize Fossil Fuels

fossil fuel graph 65432

Look at our tax dollars at work.

This is a little old, but I ran across it on Jon Taplin’s blog recently and I think it does a good job of making an important point—fossil fuel, as an industry, isn’t self supporting. No matter where we get our energy from, we’re propping up production with tax dollars.

However, here’s a couple things to keep in mind with this graph…

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Fossils of Martian Bugs Found on Meteorite

meteorite microscope 1
A microscopic view of the rock which was found in 1996.

New evidence has made it more likely that remnants of Martian microbes were transported to Earth in a meteorite, it was revealed recently.

A study by scientists from the American space agency Nasa has found chemical signatures in the rock strongly associated with life.

The discovery strengthens the case for believing that worm-like structures in the meteorite are ‘microfossils’ of ancient Martian bugs.

Sceptics have pointed out that similar-shaped structures could be formed from non-biological processes…

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Bird-Like Dinosaur With Four Wings Found In China


Chinese researchers have unearthed the fossil of a bird-like dinosaur with four wings in northeastern China, which they suggest is a missing link in dinosaurs’ evolution into birds.   In a paper in the journal Nature, they said they found the well-preserved fossil of the “Anchiornis huxleyi,” which roamed the earth some 160 million years ago, in a geological formation in China’s northeastern Liaoning province.


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Dean Kamen Developing Amazing Eco Hybrid

Eco burner

Dean Kamen – the multimillionaire inventor behind the Segway personal transporter – is well down the road in the development of a new bike that combines electric power and a radical generator which will allow it to burn almost any fuel.

Built around a fairly conventional battery and electric motor combination to provide the drive to the wheel, something Kamen’s experience with the much-hyped Segway makes relatively easy, the radical part of the design is the inclusion of a Stirling engine to recharge the bike’s battery pack. Based on technology that pre-dates the internal combustion engine by nearly a century, the Stirling engine is closer in concept to a steam engine, using external combustion, and without the need for a fuel that can be injected and burned incredibly fast inside a normal engine’s combustion chamber, it can run on virtually anything that burns – opening the door to easily renewable fuels rather than relying on dwindling fossil fuel supplies…

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New Evidence Humans Are Related To Orangutans

New Evidence Humans Are Related To Orangutans

Humans related to orangutans, not chimps 

New evidence underscores the theory of human origin that suggests humans most likely share a common ancestor with orangutans, according to research from the University of Pittsburgh and the Buffalo Museum of Science. Reporting in the June 18 edition of the Journal of Biogeography, the researchers reject as “problematic” the popular suggestion, based on DNA analysis, that humans are most closely related to chimpanzees, which they maintain is not supported by fossil evidence .

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Rare Prehistoric Pregnant Turtle Fossil Found in Utah

Rare Prehistoric Pregnant Turtle Fossil Found in Utah

 CT technician preparing to run a 75 million-year-old turtle fossil through a CT scanner

Paleontologists say a 75-million-year-old turtle fossil uncovered in southern Utah has a clutch of eggs inside, making it the first prehistoric pregnant turtle found in the United States.

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