For entrepreneurs, 45 is the new 25



Many have argued that entrepreneurship is a young man’s game. Look no further than the storied entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley. Mark Zuckerberg. Evan Spiegel. Elon Musk. Larry Page. Sergey Brin. Steve Jobs. All of these individuals achieved success before turning 30.

But is it really the case that young people are more likely to succeed in entrepreneurial ventures? Or, is there more to the story than meets the eye?

New research forthcoming in the American Economic Review casts doubt on the idea that youth is advantageous when it comes to entrepreneurial success, especially in the case of high-growth entrepreneurship.

A team of researchers led by Pierre Azoulay of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology investigated the connection between age and high-growth entrepreneurship.

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55% of America’s billion dollar startups have an immigrant founder


Uber logo seen on a car door in Kiev, Ukraine. Garrett Camp, an immigrant from Canada, is one of Uber’s founders. (Photo by Pavlo Conchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

What would America lose if we blocked refugees and family-sponsored and employment-based immigrants from coming to the United States? For starters, we would likely lose more than half of the billion-dollar startup companies in America.

A new study from the National Foundation for American Policy finds that 55%, or 50 of 91, of the country’s $1 billion startup companies had at least one immigrant founder. I conducted the research by interviewing and gathering information on the 91 U.S. startup companies valued at over $1 billion (as of October 1, 2018) that are not publicly traded on the stock market and are tracked by Dow Jones VentureSource and The Wall Street Journal.

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Why startups fail


Many startups build things people don’t want with the irrational hope that they’ll convince them otherwise.

When a startup shuts its doors, it is customary to write an essay that tells the rest of the community what went wrong, called a failure post-mortem. It’s estimated that nine out of 10 startups fail, which is why the technique has become so common as to be a Silicon Valley cliché.



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Twitter – The Sound of “Tweet” Success

Twitter - The Sound of “Tweet” Success
Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey, top, and Biz Stone pose on the roof of their San Francisco offices.

USA Today has a great article on the Twitter phenomenon. Micro-blogging at its finest, it is indeed much more than that.

Twitter has become so popular, so fast, that keeping up with its fast-growing user base is a real issue. So many people now use Twitter to update friends that the system often crashes.

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Upcoming Event – The Founders of Photobucket to Speak

Upcoming Event - The Founders of Photobucket to Speak

Photobucket Founders Alex Welch and Darren Crystal

On May 21st the DaVinci Institute will host the now infamous dual of Alex Welch and Darren Crystal, the two founders of Photobucket, who will tell the story of what it took for them to launch what is now the World’s number one photo site on the Internet. Details after the jump.

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