’80s Tech Explained by iPod Era Children

floppy disk

Kids guessed the floppy disk was everything from a camera to a credit card.

Because we have yet to realize the sci-fi dream of time machines, currently the best way to time travel and peer into the future is by looking at the past. In this case, a group of kids give us a preview of just how strange some of today’s devices may appear to kids born just two decades from now. (Video)



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Full Body Game Boy


This guy took the idea of a Game Boy to a whole new level by transforming himself into one. In the video you can hear him describe a bit of how he did it – with a lot of cardboard and a laptop hidden inside to control the screen. Not the most advanced setup, and he states himself that it’s a bit fragile, but the end result is awesome and he even included the essential music. Continue reading… “Full Body Game Boy”