Genetically engineered humans could have IQ’s of 1,000

super intelligent

Tweaking our genomes we could make humans drastically smarter.

Scientist Stephen Hsu’s theory is that genetically engineered human beings could have IQs of 1000 or higher. Hsu is something of a scientific polymath, who has done work pertaining to quantum physics, dark energy, finance, and information security, as well as genomics and bioinformatics, or the application of computer science and statistics to biological data. He officially holds the title of Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State, where he is also a professor of Theoretical Physics.



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Genetically Engineered Brain Virus Can Enhance Memories Made Weeks Earlier


Scientists find a way to boost the recall of memories even after they’ve started to fade.

Need to cram for a big test? Trying to learn a new language? Just had a great vacation? Scientists have developed a procedure that may be able to help you remember things, as long as you’re willing to inject a genetically engineered virus directly into your brain.



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