Neural stem cells grown from blood could revolutionize medicine


Doctors could soon be able to grow new brain cells, which would help treat people with strokes or other neurological conditions, using just a small blood sample.

Scientists from Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and the University of Innsbruck in Austria figured out how to reprogram mature human blood cells into neural stem cells. Scientists have reprogrammed stem cells before, but these new cells are the first ones that can continue to multiply and propagate in the lab thanks to specific genetic tweaks, according to research published Thursday in the journal Stem Cell.

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3D printed eye cells could one day cure blindness

Researchers have actually printed viable retina cells using an inkjet printer.

The ability to print up new, living versions of the damaged parts of your body is becoming more viable as a medical procedure, and cuts and scrapes aren’t the only maladies that medical 3D printing can help cure. Living, 3D printed retina cells could someday aid in curing many kinds of blindness.



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‘Stay sober’ pill – drink as much as you want without getting tipsy

stay sober pill

“Stay-sober” pill will let you drink as much as you want.

Scientists are developing a “stay sober” pill.   The pill will allow people to drink as much as they want while limiting the effects of alcohol on their brains.  In tests for the drug, mice given the drug did not even display signs of getting tipsy, despite being fed enough alcohol to make them stumble and fall over.