A Nobel Prize-winning psychologist says most people don’t really want to be happy


We think we want to be happy. Yet many of us are actually working toward some other end, according to cognitive psychologist Daniel Kahneman, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in economics.

Kahneman contends that happiness and satisfaction are distinct. Happiness is a momentary experience that arises spontaneously and is fleeting. Meanwhile, satisfaction is a long-term feeling, built over time and based on achieving goals and building the kind of life you admire. On the Dec. 19 podcast “Conversations with Tyler,” hosted by economist Tyler Cowen, Kahneman explains that working toward one goal may undermine our ability to experience the other.

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3 critical factors wearables need to be successful


Next generation of wearables needs to focus more on keeping users engaged in the long-term.

Companies such as Sony, Pebble, Meta, LG, Garmin, Razer and others introduced at least 10 new wearable devices at CES in January. Yet despite the enthusiasm in the market, the dirty secret of wearables remains: almost all of the current generation of products fail to drive long-term, sustained engagement and behavior change.



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Top 12 things successful people do differently than the rest of us

successful people

Most were not born into success; they simply did.

There is always a fascination of people who are consistently successful at what they do; especially those who experience repeated success in many areas of their life throughout their lifetime. In entertainment, you may think of Clint Eastwood and Oprah Winfrey. In business, it may be Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett. Everyone has their own examples of super successful people like these who we admire. But how do they become so successful?

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Learning With Robot-Aided Therapy

Learning With Robot-Aided Therapy 

A robot named Cosmo has become six-year-old Kevin Fitzgerald’s unlikely ally in his uphill everyday battle with developmental difficulties.

At a strip mall clinic in suburban Maryland, Kevin is at the unlikely intersection of new efforts to treat symptoms of autism, cerebral palsy and other developmental disorders with robotics and computer work.

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Motivatrix MX10 Workout Master


Looking for a complete wellness solution that will positively impact the health of your family members? Enter the Motivatrix MX10 Workout Master.

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