Amazing Mural Artwork Created by Urban Artists in Lisbon


Famous urban artists and mural art painter Os Gêmeos, Blu and Sam3 recently painted the facade of two abandoned houses in Lisbon.

 It’s an amazing huge mural artwork, four urban artists recently created in Lisbon! Os Gêmeos, whose graffiti art exhibition is still running, Blu, who was lately in Wroclaw and Sam3, whose new book was published several month ago, came together to paint the facade of two abandoned old houses in Lisbon’s city.


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Fire-Tagging: Making Graffiti More Dangerous

Fire-Tagging: Making Graffiti More Dangerous


For a split second there, it looked like graffiti’s future was purely virtual. There was the Wiispray controller, which simulated tagging down to the paint drips; and before that there were a number of “light graffiti” projects. But the taggers? They flouted that, and the medium has evolved: Fire tagging, as its known, is the process of spraying your tag, then lighting it on fire before the paint dries. (Pics)

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Reverse Graffiti Artist Documentary


Reverse Graffiti or Atomic Explosion?

A few months ago, “reverse graffiti” artist Moose traveled to San Francisco where he created a lovely mural by cleaning grime from the walls of San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel. Moose calls himself a “professor of dirt.” Documentary filmmaker Doug Pray (Scratch, Hype!, etc.) made a short film about the artwork.

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