9 Renewable Energy Solutions Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket


Pocket power.

Why shoud you care about being green if there’s nothing in it for you?  The reason you should care about renewable energy is that it gives you lots of ways to start generating your own energy to power all those energy hungry gadgets you love.  You won’t even notice that you’re doing it thanks to future technology. (Pics)


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San Fransisco’s Solar Powered Bus Stop


Free wireless is cool but remember to look up so you don’t miss your bus while surfing the net

Why does a bus stop need to be solar powered, you ask? To power its LED lighting, intercom system and even a wireless router – at least, that’s how it is with these swanky new bus stops being installed in San Fransisco. The stop you see up above is the first of the 1,100 wavy-topped, solar-powered bus stops the city wants to roll out by 2013. Continue reading… “San Fransisco’s Solar Powered Bus Stop”

10 Living Walls




The idea of a living wall conjures up all sorts of images, but in reality it is nothing more than a wall completely covered in vegetation. In order to create a living wall pre-vegetated or fabric panels containing plastic containers, or geotextiles, as well as irrigation systems and vegetation are attached to the wall or supporting structure. This form of urban gardening is often designed as an art form to decorate buildings in cities and has been hailed as one way to make cities more enjoyable, healthier and ultimately greener places. Continue reading… “10 Living Walls”

Room Light Saves Energy



Smart light

“Auto-eco Light-control Twin Pa” is a real mouthful but once ordered and installed, you may never need to refer to it again. That’s because this environmentally friendly ceiling lamp automatically adjusts its brightness level to light rooms evenly, no matter what time of day or night it is, regardless of outside weather conditions. Continue reading… “Room Light Saves Energy”

Electric Egg Car


Hard boiled speed

While the West is just finding its way around to hopping into the new generation of eco-friendly compact cars, Japan has started taking the new category into more creative directions. The latest green car-as-design-experiment comes in the form of the new T10 from Takeoka Jidosha Kogei Ltd., recently shown off at the International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo in Japan. Continue reading… “Electric Egg Car”

Find Environmental Resources Through Green Map System


Eco Tourism At Its Best

When you consider visiting or moving to a place, wouldn’t it be great to know where the environmentally-friendly places are? The revolutionary Green Map System allows just that with its ecomaps. The maps will let you know where to shop green, recycle, and where the green spaces are, among the resources it helps you uncover. Since its beginning in 1995, over 450 Green maps of cities, towns and villages have been published by hand-picked mapmakers in 50 countries.

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