Japan hopes world’s tallest tower will boost tourism

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A new record tower.

If you’re afraid of heights, this may be a story you want to skip. The Guinness Book of World Records recently certified that the tallest tower in the world is indeed the Sky Tree which stands in Tokyo, Japan. A work in progress since 2006, the Sky Tree was constructed to be a radio and television tower while at the same time helping to revitalize tourism after the earthquakes and tsunami the country experienced. Sporting two observation decks, at 1,148 feet and 1,476 feet, tourists are guaranteed to get a spectacular view of the city.

Measuring in at 2,080 feet, the tower cost $440 million to construct. It has thirteen elevators, a restaurant, and shopping. What is interesting is that because it has less than 50% usable floor space, it fell into a different category with Guinness than the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. It’s because the Sky Tree is technically not a building but a tower, it captured it’s own world record…

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Boy, 11, sets longest limbo skating-world record

Rohan Ajit Kokane

Little Rohan Ajit Kokane whizzed into the Guinness Book of World Records
after performing the furthest ever roller-skating limbo.

He managed to fly under an incredible 20 cars while performing the splits during the stunt in Mumbai, India. Rohan picked up speed before bending down and making his chest parallel to the ground…

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Akshat Saxena has most fingers and toes: Guinness World Records


Who’s got the most digits?

Count’em up. This young man born with 34 fingers and toes set a Guinness World Record for most digits.

Akshat Saxena had seven fingers on each hand and 10 toes on each foot when he was born in India in 2010, a Guinness spokeswoman told The Huffington Post.

“I was so happy to see my baby as it was our first child,” his mother Amrita Saxena told NDTV. “But later, when I saw his fingers, I was shocked and surprised.”

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