Discovery of a new hair-loss protein brings hope to balding men

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New protein discovery could lead to treatments to stop baldness.

A hair-loss protein has been discovered by scientists in a development that could pave the way for a cure for male-pattern baldness. The discovery could mean treatments are developed to suppress the protein and to stop baldness, although it would not reverse the effects to reverse hair loss.


Propecia and Avodart May Cause Irreversible Sexual Side Effects

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Propecia and Avodart linked to irreversible sexual side effects.

Drugs frequently prescribed to treat hair loss or an enlarged prostate may contribute to irreversible sexual dysfunction in men, new research finds.  Use of dutasteride (Avodart) and finasteride (Proscar and Propecia) were linked to erectile dysfunction, depression and loss of libido in a review of existing studies.


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Hair Cloning Could Provide Cure For Baldness


A Classic Combover

Premature baldness could soon be assigned to history after scientists have pioneered a treatment to clone hair.

Follicular cell implantation works by replicating remaining hair strands and has already shown positive results in continuing clinical trials on human beings. It could eventually help millions of people to regain a full head of their own hair.

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