Researchers design locks that can be opened with certain hand gestures


Hand gestures have a whole new meaning.

Researchers from Taiwan have developed a machine that reads people’s hand gestures and thereby permits them to open doors by waving a few fingers:

“In the future, you won’t have to worry about losing or forgetting your keys,” said Tsai Yao-pin, who teaches at the Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan…

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Multitouch Interactive Display Produces Music


While most multitouch displays designed to produce sound use a visual mode of interaction, the multitouch interactive Akustisch produces music with not much visual feedback. A new multitouch interface for production, control and manipulation of digital sound, the Akustisch is like a digital music instrument based on a touch interface. Developed by Balz Rittmeyer as a bachelor degree project at the University of Art and Design Zurich, the Akustisch hints to the future of musical instruments.


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