The end of the TV remote control


Designers are now employing built-in cameras and microphones to enable TVs to recognize your gestures, spoken instructions, and even individual faces.

For over 60 years the TV remote control has been a centerpiece of living rooms and the focus of family squabbles. But its age is showing — and new technologies built into the next generation of TVs may replace the old clicker.

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Apple Granted Patent On Capacitive Multitouch Displays

applepatendevice 123
It’s not the mythical pinch-to-zoom patent, but the USPTO just granted a fairly broad Apple patent on capacitive multitouch displays. US Patent #7,663,607 describes a “transparent capacitive sensing medium configured to detect multiple touches” by way of two sandwiched layers of conductive lines hooked up to an appropriate circuit, and also covers a specific type of multitouch display with a similar two-layer capacitive sensor made of glass.

Motor-Driven Ice Cream Scooper



This Is Just As Annoying As The Crane And Hook Game At The Amusement Park

The Motor-Driven Ice Cream Scooper is a hand-held motor driven device intended to permit the user to not only handle frozen ice cream, but to simultaneously form attractive spheres. Perfect for the lazy multi-tasker, Patent# US 6840754 is one of those things that upon reflection, everyone can surely live without. It comes equipped with a half circle-shaped arc at the end of a tube, in which claws shaped as half-circles are inserted. The claws slide and upon command embed into the frozen the ice cream, their continuous rotation forming a sphere. (If you prefer another geometric shape, forget about it. Not possible.)

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“Groundbreaking” Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound System

“Groundbreaking” Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound System 

 Cornell University 3rd year PhD National Science fellow, George K. Lewis

Ultrasound machines can cost $20,000 or more and weigh 30 pounds, but not George K. Lewis’s ultrasound device. Lewis’s portable therapeutic ultrasound machine cost him about $150 to make — 80 percent of which was spent on the battery — it fits in the palm of his hand, and it can help treat cancer and relieve arthritis… among other things.

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Mobile TV to Drive Mobile Ad Spending

 Mobile TV to Drive Mobile Ad Spending

Mobile TV will drive advertising spending in the hand-held market

Juniper Research forecasts that by 2013, worldwide mobile advertising spending will reach almost $7.6 billion, up from just over $1 billion in 2008.

Text message advertising currently accounts for the largest share of mobile advertising with $335 million spent in 2008, but as mobile TV services proliferate, SMS advertising spending will rise to only $2.5 billion by 2012.

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