The Dash – wireless smart in-ear headphones

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The Dash in-ear headphones

Bragi LLC is currently developing the Dash smart headphones that leaps innovation evolution altogether. Everyone would like to have all of their favorite gadgets compiled into one sleek device that is placed in the ear without having to fiddle around with their smartphone or having those annoying cords hanging dangling while they go about life’s many chores. That may be it, but no one has been able to pull it off until now. (Video)



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Listening to Bach eases pain of patients during surgery


Listening to Bach on headphones eases the pain of patients during surgery, research has found.

Noise-canceling headphones playing a classical melody may reduce the pain and anxiety of prostate biopsies, according  to researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute in North Carolina.


1 in 5 Teens Suffers From Hearing Loss Thanks to iPods and MP3 Players

 teen listening to ipod

Hearing loss in teens has risen 30% in 20 years.

Listening to personal music players such as iPods has contributed to hearing loss among teenagers rising by nearly a third in 20 years, a study shows.  Between 2005 and 2006, one in five adolescents suffered some form of hearing problem.


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‘Acoustic Fingerprints’ Can Be Used For Identification

‘Acoustic Fingerprints’ Can Be Used For Identification 

iPods and mobile phones could be fitted with antitheft devices that detect ‘acoustic fingerprints’ so they only work when they are being used by the registered owner

Researchers have discovered that they can identify individuals from the faint sounds made deep inside the human ear and are now developing security devices using the technology.

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iPod Jeans By Levi’s Redwire DLX Jeans


A new pair of jeans was on my shopping list for Christmas. I was on the lookout for something new and innovative when a friend recommended that I have a look at the new Levi’s Redwire DLX Jeans.

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U.S. Military Working On Creating “Thought Helmets”

U.S. Military Working On Creating “Thought Helmets” 

From the “how the hell did we miss this” department comes word that the U.S. military is hard at work creating “thought helmets” for its soldiers. If fully realized, this mind-interfacing piece of gear would allow for what plebeians would call magic, and Arthur C. Clark would call basic telepathy. The “good” news is the Army believes telepathic communication between soldiers in the field is entirely possible, some day. The bad news is that “some day” is decades away for this incredibly ambitious plan-this ain’t no video game controller, folks.

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Audio Bone 1.0 – A Non-Harmful Alternative To The Traditional Headphone

Audio Bone 1.0 - A Non-Hazardous Alternative To The Traditional Headphone 

 Audio Bone 1.0

There has been so much written and spoken about ear drum damage due to earplugs that the health hazards are now being ignored altogether. Moreover, the lack of an alternate technology so far has forced earphone users to make do with these ‘harmful’ products.

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Orbitsound T3 Provides A Personal Stereo ‘Aura’ Without Headphones


Now Listen Here!

In recent years the headphone market has seen quite a boom, most likely thanks to the iPod and the hundreds of others of MP3 players now available. And I’m sure we’re all aware of the dangers of having your headphones (or particularly your earbuds) set too loud which can damage your eardrums. (It makes you wonder if the hearing aid market will also be seeing a boom in about 20 years.) So as an alternative to using headphones, Orbitsound would like you to consider their new T3 portable speaker which is actually designed to be worn hanging around your neck.

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