Binaudios – giant binocular-turned-headphones let you hear all of the city’s sounds



As part of the Thinking Digital Conference, artist Dominic Wilcox and creative technologist James Rutherford dreamt up Binaudios, an oversized public listening device which lets visitors experience the sounds of Newcastle, UK in a completely new way. (Video)



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Parasitic Fly Could Help Revolutionize Antenna Technology


Ormia ochracea is a small parasitic fly best known for its strong sense of directional hearing.

It’s no surprise that many bugs have excellent hearing thanks to finely honed antenna. Checking out the giant antenna on the tiny bug above, it seems no surprise that they can hear surprisingly well. In fact, some insect antennae are so powerful, engineers haven’t yet been able to come close to mimicking nature. And that’s especially when it comes to small, directional antennae. It’s one thing to have whip-like “ears” like the bug above, but what stumps engineers is making very small, but very acute sound sensors. Yet a minute fly — with minute antenna — is about to change that, and help revolutionize how we built these structures.


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Driving a Convertible with the Top Down Could Damage Your Health

driving convertible

Driving a convertible exposes drivers and passengers to dangerous noise levels. 

Driving a convertible with the top down could expose you to dangerous noise levels on a par with a building site, claims a new study.  Levels as high as 100 decibels were recorded at speeds of 75mph which for long periods could lead to damage to hearing.


Deafness Can Lead to Marital Breakdown


Inability to hear properly can lead to arguments.

Deafness can lead to heated arguments between couples and even marital breakdown, according to a survey about the social consequences of hearing loss published today.  The hard-of-hearing partner often feels upset that their spouse does not understand what it is like to suffer from the condition, the poll found.


Sounzzzz Concept For The Hearing Impaired

sounzzz 1234234

Many people think that the hearing impaired would have lost a large part of being human, that is, being unable to experience the joy of music. Well, have you ever attended a deaf church’s worship service? Those involve drums that lets the congregation literally feel the beat of the song, and the Sounzzz concept is a visual, audio, tactile MP3 player that can not only work for the hearing impaired but is universal enough for everyone to have a go. Sound will be translated into a range of vibrations, where you will need to hug the device in order to feel the music.



World’s First Direct Bone Conduction Hearing Aid is iPod, Bluetooth Ready


Baha hearing aid

Hearing aids have come a long way since the ear trumpet; from the traditional aid that simply amplified sound and delivered it to the ear via an earpiece (air conduction), to the so-called “bionic ear” that works by directly stimulating auditory nerves inside the cochlea with an electric field. But the journey continues, with newer technologies which use the bones of the skull to conduct sound.


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Cochlear Implants Technology Getting Smaller, Faster, Smarter


Serena Rush, 6, who got cochlear implants about 4 years ago and now has about 70% hearing.

Six-year-old Serena Rush loves to belt out It’s a Hard Knock Life, her favorite tune from the musical Annie, and someday she hopes to be a stage actress, when she’s not being a lifeguard. Which is pretty splendid considering she was diagnosed as deaf when she was 1. “I am very smart,” says the ballet-dancing, iPod-jamming, theatergoing, soon-to-be second-grader from Silver Spring, Md.


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Portable Sign Language Translator

Portable Sign Language Translator 

 Krown Sign Language Translator

The Sign Language Translator by Krown does just what its name implies: it takes the words you feed into it and, on its modestly sized touchscreen, plays a video of the proper hand sign. If you type in “happy,” for instance (or one of 3,500 other words), a video – acted out by a decidedly somber, almost creepy older man – plays and in a matter of seconds just about anyone could effectively communicate with the deaf or anyone who relies on sign language.

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