@Walmart Labs – Wal-Mart’s effort to become undisputed leader of social commerce


Wal-Mart is starting to turn heads in the tech world — and that may have important implications for the way we think about the future of the shopping experience. Once known for a soul-less retail store experience and a hyper-efficient supply chain that delivered “everyday low prices,” Wal-Mart has been fusing together innovations from the mobile and social networking worlds to create the foundation for a radically new type of hyper-personalized shopping experience.



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Japan Offers Hi-Tech ‘Vault Graves’

Japan Offers Hi-Tech ‘Vault Graves’

Only the finest for the dead rich people

In one of the world’s fastest aging societies, Japanese seniors are worrying about a life-and-death issue: finding an “after-life” home in an island short of land. For some, going high-tech is the solution. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, most of the dead in Japan are cremated, and the urns carrying their ashes buried in traditional cemeteries with a gravestone marker.
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