Study: Women Have Called the Shots at Home for Millions of Years

raquel welch

‘Alpha cavewomen’ roamed the plains while slothful menfolk stayed at home, according to a study.

It’s finally been confirmed what every woman from Raquel Welch to Wilma Flintstone has always suspected.  The female of the species was very much the boss even back in prehistoric times.


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Hot Human-On-Neanderthal Action: A Scientific Update


Did Neanderthals and Humans Share The Planet At The Same Time? 

So, remember a few weeks ago when new genetics research challenged the accepted idea that humans and neanderthals had never knocked boots? Back then, we mentioned that we were waiting to hear from Svante Pääbo, a hominid genetics expert who was due to publish his findings from sequencing the neanderthal genome. The Pääbo data would be the key to clearing up this ancient soap-operatic mystery.

This week, Pääbo weighed in and the answer looks pretty clear: If your ancestors are from anyplace other than Africa, you’ve got a little neanderthal in you. And so did your great-great-etc. grandma…

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