Doctor on Demand app lets you see a doctor from wherever you are

doctor on demand

Is there a doctor in the house? The answer may always be, “yes.”

Many people are searching for new ways to get medical care and gone may be the days of waiting in the doctor’s office thanks to the new mobile app age. The new Doctor On Demand app for Android and iOS will allow you to see the doctor from wherever you are.



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Digital health is redefining the house call

Doctor making a house call.

A house call is done from the comfort of your home combined with the personal attention of your doctor. There are two key words here that really drive the point home–home and your. Your doctor provides care in your house. The house call is also, in many ways, a reflection of things past. Today, healthcare has eliminated the ‘luxury’ of this type of intervention leaving patients and caregivers to languish in the germ-fill waiting rooms of physician offices, hospitals and medical clinics.



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