Indian Railways to soon introduce these 20 in-house Made-in-India innovations


On the list is also a system to monitor real-time CCTV footage on board trains

The Western Railway has developed natural water coolers, with zero electric consumption, each at a cost of ₹1.25 lakh.

The North Central Railway has developed a vehicular system for ultrasonic flaw detection of rails.

The Railway Board has decided to implement 20 innovations by its employees to make train journeys safer and improve passenger comfort – such as a bell warning to alert travellers minutes before a train departs, real-time CCTV monitoring inside coaches, printing of unreserved tickets through mobile applications – on a mass scale.

While most of the 20 innovations are aimed at technical improvements to boost safety, some of the innovations are also directed at passenger comfort.

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Indian Railways – Backbone of India’s Socioeconomic Growth Plans Improvements to Rail System


Commuters stand in the doorways of a crowded local train as it leaves Churchgate railway station in Mumbai

Investment is needed to improve track, rolling stock and delivery times. At present passenger trains manage an average of 50 kph, while freight just 22 kph. Indian Railways has long been regarded as the backbone of the socioeconomic growth of India. The country has the world s fourth largest rail network and the second largest in Asia after China. Indian Railways has recently attracted immense global media and corporate attention due to its turnaround to profitability, and has been consistently recording buoyant growth rates over the last few years as India’s population continues to increase. According to India Railways, the cash surplus before dividend and net revenue were estimated by the government at US$6.17 billion and US$4.53 billion, for 2007-08 respectively. This places Indian Railways in a better position than many Fortune 500 companies.


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