Here Auto: Nokia’s connected car platform

Here Auto

Nokia announced last week its intention to become a much bigger technological force in the vehicle after years of being the auto industry’s mapmaker. Nokia took the wraps off of Here Auto, an embedded infotainment and connected car system, which it hopes to sell to the world’s car manufacturers.



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Biggest challenge for colleges isn’t price, it’s students’ attention

college classroom

As colleges try to deliver more education at the same price, schools will move into the crowded and distractable world of the Web.

Last year, the University of Phoenix enlisted renowned Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen to record a lecture. The university reserved a harbor-view room for Christensen and populated it with young people, so that the camera operators could record their reactions.

Before he began to speak, Christensen noticed that the audience appeared unusually engaged and attractive.

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Online News Now More Popular Than Print In US


A new survey reveals that more people read their news online in America than in a printed newspaper, although local and national TV is still the primary source of news for most.

Online news is now the third most-popular form of news according to new reports from the Pew Research Center for people and the press.

“News awareness is becoming an anytime, anywhere, any device activity for those who want to stay informed,” said the new report.

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