Google gets 2.5 million copyright removal requests every week

Google has been acting as a copyright cop.

Google reports that in the past six months it’s takedown too for search results has grown tenfold.  Around 250,000 requests a week went through the system when it started publicly posting takedown notices in May — which lets people or companies ask Google to remove links that infringe on their copyright. Now, that number has jumped to over 2.5 million a week. That’s a huge change, but not an unprecedented one, as requests have been increasing rapidly for the past several years. Back in May, Google reported that the 250,000 requests it received in a week were more than it got for the entirety of 2009.



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How to defeat patent trolls

patent troll

Patent trolls rack up legal and licensing bills.

The scourge of inventors everywhere are firms that collect and enforce patents of dubious value—with no intention of creating the invention described in those patents. They force large companies to rack up legal and licensing bills, and scare away startups from putting out novel products.  These firms raise prices for all of us, and they generally slow down the future. Everyone hates them.

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