Three radical nation-less visions for the future


Country living can be a pain. And we’re not talking about the hardships of life in a rural community, we’re talking about the difficulties of living in a country. For all the services and security the social compact buys us, we are forced to pay a price in compromises — something made all the more poignant by what’s going on in the White House right now. But unless you want to drop out of the modern, law-abiding world altogether, this is the deal we’re stuck with.


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Patent office expansion would create a jobs windfall for Denver

Denver 546

A patent office expansion to Denver might serve as a magnet for companies looking to be near the new offices.

The U.S. patent office plans its first expansion beyond the nation’s capital and they have Denver, Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas envisioning the next Research Triangle and an accompanying jobs windfall.

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Power of 10 Interface


Information at the speed of need

Futurist Thomas Frey:  The distance between information and our brain is getting shorter.

Twenty years ago if you had access to a large information base, such as the Library of Congress, and someone asked you a series of questions, your task would have been to pour through the racks of books to come up with the answers. The time involved could have easily have been 10 hours per question.


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