Overweight Women More Likely To Have Had Sex

Overweight Women More Likely To Have Had Sex

The bigger the cushion …

Overweight women are more likely to have had sexual intercourse than thin ones, research has found. In a study of 7,000 women 92 per cent of those who were overweight had slept with a man. The figure was only 87 per cent among those of a “normal” size. The research, carried out by the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, contradicts previous results which suggested that larger women had a lower libido, while thinner ones were more likely to be sexually active.

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The Art of the Female Orgasm

Face of Orgasm 712

The ecstasy of the orgasm

By puritanical society norms, the female orgasm is an event seldom witnessed, and virtually never recorded. However, for the new age of modern women, the orgasm is a thing of beauty. Shown here is a collection of some of the finest moments in human history. (Pics)


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