How will stoned drivers be regulated by police?

If a blood screen detects five or more nanograms of THC er milliliter of blood in a person’s bloodstream, that individual is considered legally under the influence of drugs.

Late last year Colorado and Washington state each passed ballot measures legalizing marijuana for recreational use. While one legal challenge was resolved another was just beginning. Before, marijuana was simply prohibited. Now it has to be regulated. With their new legal standards for possession and use, Colorado and Washington now have to draw hard lines on a rather hazy landscape, creating legal standards not just for for taxation and licensing, but also some far more nebulous questions, like how much marijuana is reasonable for a single person to possess, and even what constitutes legal intoxication. Meanwhile, forty-eight other states are watching closely to see exactly how they do it.



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Energy Drinks Mixed with Alcohol Lead to More Risky Behavior: Study


Red Bull and vodka is riskier than just drinking alcohol.

Drinking the popular mix of Vodka and Red Bull is riskier than drinking alcohol alone, according to a new study.  Researchers found that while physical and mental impairment were no different with the combination, the feeling of intoxication was higher.

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