This is your brain on a smartphone


A mobile junkie.

When is the last time you powered your smartphone all the way down?  Try turning it all the way off now. Take your phone out and turn it off (note: this is not advised if you are reading this on your mobile. In this case you are probably too far gone). Fair warning, you will experience a short stint of anxiety and emptiness. These mobile withdrawals are unpleasant (and slightly pathetic) but the sobering and liberating experience is worth more than your 25th snapchat today.



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The Five Tenets of Bootstrap-Management

The Five Tenets of Bootstrap-Management

You are securely belted into the driver’s seat of your new startup and you are about to smash down on the gas pedal to get it launched. You have gone through the steps all startup leaders take in those first few months, and then you realize that there is no road ahead. You smile as you come to grips with the fact that you are indeed blazing a new trail.

Such is the life of a boot-strapping entrepreneur. The rule books are few and those that exist will likely to be read and then tossed aside. You are involved in something new, something important, something that may make you happy, and maybe even rich! Your focus needs to be precise, your vision intact, and each day you should wake with a teeth-gritting smile that says, “I know you think I’m crazy, but I know what I’m doing!”

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