Weed Killer Affects Frogs Sexually

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Messed Up Frogs
The widely used weed killer atrazine affects the sexual development of frogs, raising questions about the effects of its use in the environment, the University of Ottawa said on Thursday.

A study by researchers at the university found that at low levels comparable to those measured in the Canadian environment, fewer tadpoles reached the froglet stage and the ratio of females to males increased.

“Atrazine is one of the top-selling herbicides used worldwide and was designed to inhibit weed growth in cornfields,” the university said in a statement.

Second Leading Cause of Accidental Deaths in the US – Poisons

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2nd biggest unintentional killer in the US

At least in the United States the second biggest unintentional injury killer (leaving aside murders and suicides) is poisons. Deaths caused by car accidents are now down to only 34k per year, not all that much higher than the 23k unintentional poison deaths. Here are what you need to know about poisons.

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Robots, the Terror Tools of Future

Robots, the Terror Tools of Future

Killer robots could become the weapon of choice for militants, a British expert said on Wednesday. Noel Sharkey (above with robot), professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield said he believed falling costs would soon make robots a realistic option for extremist groups.

Several countries and companies are developing the technology for robot weapons, with the US department of defense leading the way. More than 4,000 robots are deployed in Iraq.

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