The $5 lamp that is powered solely by gravity


There are currently over 1.5 billion people in the World who have no reliable access to mains electricity. These people rely, instead, on biomass fuels (mostly kerosene) for lighting once the sun goes down. GravityLight is a sustainable lighting solution powered by gravity. (Pics)



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Bang! Lamp – You’ll shoot your light out, kid


Bang! Lamp

Bang! lamp by Bitplay is a pretty cool lighting accessory that lets you turn it on and off through a remote control that’s shaped like a gun. Pull the trigger, the light goes out and the lampshade actually tilts as if shot. It also works in reverse, though it doesn’t really make much sense that way. The gun is an IR controller and that dark band around the base of the lamp is the receiver. (Video)


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Explore The Hidden World Of Cymatics With Spica Speakers

Spica_Speakers 3214
If you are too bored with all the lava and plasma lamps and displays then make way for the Spica Speakers, which bring out the best from the world of water. Although water isn’t an illuminant like lava and plasma, it does give you a fantastic effect in the form of shape shifting patterns and delightfully trippy reflections. Best of all, it’s an audio lamp as well. So you can sense the showers of the Amazon all around you when you’re safely tucked in bed.
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Gold Mannequin Lamps Will Scare The Crap Out Of You When Not Paying Attention


Push that one a little to the left.

We love these new mannequin-lamps by product designer Daniel Loves Objects!–they’re made of gold-plated cast metal, come in two sizes, and are bendable and adjustable so you can have them sit in various positions in your living room. Great for the bachelor or techno-loner…

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Unlock Your House From Anywhere By Text Message

Unlock Your House From Anywhere 

 Schlage LiNK Door Lock System

How many times have you needed to send someone to your house to pick something up at the last minute, but had no way to get them a key? Sure, it’s not something that comes up all the time, but when the situation does arise, it can be frustrating. With the new LiNK door lock system from Schlage, you can unlock your house from anywhere.

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General Electric’s Light Within A Light


General Electric’s new Energy Smart CFL.fluorescent light is one of those things that makes you scratch your head and wonder: How the hell do they do that? A fluorescent spiral lamp into a traditional bulb?

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Energy Seed Concept Uses Spent Batteries

Energy Seed Concept Uses Spent Batteries 

 Energy Seed Lamp

I threw away two batteries yesterday. I know, I know-it’s almost the same as chopping down like five old-growth oak trees or something, but it was just so damn easy. And what else are you gonna do with dead batteries? That’s exactly why I am jazzed about this Energy Seed concept by Sungwoo Park. You collect all the batteries that no longer power your digital cameras, baby toys and TV remotes, and you deposit them in the base of this lamp. The lamp then glows, because even a mostly spent battery will be able to power an ultra-efficient light source.

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Measure Your Home Energy Use With The Spark Lamp

Measure Your Home Energy Use With The Spark Lamp 

The Spark Lamp concept by Beverly Ng is an LED lamp that you can flip over during the day to recharge itself using solar power. It’s designed to educate the owner about their power consumption. The lamp sports integrated WiFi which wirelessly keeps track of you home’s power usage. When you turn the lamp on, it will change colors and flash to tell you what your home’s power consumption is.

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A Lamp That Adjusts To the Environment

A Lamp That Adjusts To the Environment 

 Stimuli 3.0

Here’s a design concept that shows some unusual thinking on the part of its creator, Chris Natt: What if you fitted a smart lamp with petals that open and close like a flower? The result is Stimuli 3.0, a shape-shifting device that measures ambient light and adjusts its illumination accordingly, using a three-axis gearbox.

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