Virtual fences will transform rural America

Virtual fencing promises radical transformation by removing the mile upon mile of barbed wire stretched across the landscape.

European farmers claimed North America with fences when they first arrived.  Fences were the physical manifestation of a belief in private ownership and the proper use of land — enclosed, utilized, defended — that continues to shape the American way of life, its economic aspirations, and even its form of government. (Videos)



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Top 10 biggest landowners in the U.S.

John Malone

No. 1: John Malone
2.2 million acres in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Maine and New Hampshire.

With its up-and-down fortunes and constant threat of being outflanked by the next iPad-delivered Internet service the media business can be very nerve-wracking. Maybe that’s why Liberty Media’s John Malone pours so much of his extra cash into land.


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